管理人は、綾羅木幸奈とか綾羅木幸那とか綾羅木ゆきな というHNで活動しているものです。





  1. すくるどくん?

  2. TOMO君ですか?お久しぶりです。

  3. おお、ひさしぶりー

  4. hi people, unfortunately I have very unpleasant news.

    I have entered into a deal with Bladehq and he does not stick to the agreements that were made.

    it was agreed that he would create a scampage for me, a letter and then spam for me.

    I told him from the beginning that I could not spam and that the scampage alone, without a letter, would be useless to me and I would otherwise not spend so much money on it.

    then we agreed that I would only pay him a deposit of € 50 after the scampage was finished, another € 200, and after spamming € 400. If the results were good, I would have even paid him € 1,000.

    that was exactly the same way here again screenshots of it in atn I have it confirmed again on my profile:

    he then created the scampage, so far it was all right.

    from that point on he talked himself out all the time and said he had to “wait for his friend” to start spamming.

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